On Location

Count on Tumbles to add flair and fun to parties and celebrations of any kind! Try us out for school field days, end of the school year parties, and other community celebrations. It’s a great way to create a buzz, congratulate the kids for a super school year or just maximize the fun at any event.

JWT also offers ongoing school programs, which means you could bring the gym to school for the day! For children pre-school to grade six, JW Tumbles offers its Tumbles-To-Go Enrichment Program. JW Tumbles’ experienced Trainers conduct classes onsite during the day or after school hours with equipment and activities from our signature gym programs. Whether you want to augment P.E. or just create a new environment to make exercise fun, the Tumbles-To-Go Enrichment Program is an exciting way to get the kids interested.

Contact us for more information about our parties, camps, and other events.